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4 February 1983
Let's see, what information whould I like to share?

Well, I officially got into the furry fandom in April of 2005 after a long time of doing nothing but looking at furry artwork. I suppose I became a wolf because of my wolf t-shirts, although the song "Lycanthropy" by Six Feet Under may also have been a factor. Besides that, the concept of the lone wolf has always appealed to me, and by joining the fandom, I aknowledged the fact that I was a lone wolf who needed to join a pack.

My only transportation used to be a motorcycle, specifically a 2001 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 LTD, but it got to the point where repairing it enough to make it street-legal would have cost more than it was actually worth. I'm currently relying on my dad for transportation since his truck has a manual transmission, and every 4-wheel vehicle I've driven previously had an automatic. He's given me SOME lessons on driving his truck, but not yet enough to give me sufficient confidence to drive it in traffic.

In the event I alter this bio, there will be an anouncement in my Journal.

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